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What To Do If You Are Arrested

What To Do If You Are Arrested

Know Your Rights

Not knowing your rights can cause you to make uninformed decisions that may harm you in the future. Unfortunately, most citizens don’t know their criminal rights when arrested and frequently jeopardize their own cases. Secure the help of an experienced trial lawyer who can help you understand what your rights are and how to protect them. Since 1986, Louisville defense attorney William Butler has been fighting for the rights of the accused. If you face a criminal charge, call William M. Butler Jr. at 502-582-2020, to talk to a defense lawyer who is ready to fight for you, or contact him via email or text to schedule your initial confidential consultation. For over 35 years, he has successfully defended thousands of clients and has compiled an impressive record of positive results, he can help you too. Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

What are my legal rights?

You have a constitutional right to refuse a police request to search you, your home, your car, your luggage or other possessions unless the police have a search warrant. Often, people agree to these searches because they don’t know that they can decline. If the police do not have a search warrant, you have a right to say “no”. Be aware that the police are looking for evidence against you, not for you.

One of your Miranda rights is a constitutional right to refuse to answer police questions. Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you. For your own protection, you should always consult with a criminal defense lawyer before answering questions.

Anything you say to an undercover police officer or confidential informant can be used against you. These individuals are legally allowed to lie about their identity. This type of deception has been allowed by the Supreme Court.

Statements made to your lawyer in the presence of third parties are not protected by the attorney/client privilege. Thus, do not make confidential communications to your lawyer in the presence of third parties. With a third party present, they will not be protected.

Even though a grand jury is able to compel your appearance, in accordance with the Fifth Amendment, it may not have the right to compel your testimony. If you are served with a subpoena, you should seek advice from a criminal defense attorney.

Secure Legal Counsel

 Be proactive, contact William Butler to learn more about protecting your constitutional rights. He is a Defense Attorney, with 35 years experience defending people just like you. For immediate assistance, please call him at 502-582-2020 or contact William Butler via email or text for your initial confidential consultation. Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.
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