Federal Crimes Defense

The United States Attorney General only prosecutes the most serious cases. These require an experienced federal defense lawyer, like William M. Butler, Jr., who has a thorough understanding of federal law and court procedures. Since 1986, William Butler has provided diligent representation to clients under federal investigation or facing federal criminal charges. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, he defends clients in Kentucky and throughout the Nation. To discuss your defense strategy and protection of your rights, call Federal Defense Attorney William M. Butler Jr., today at 502-582-2020, or contact him via email for a confidential assessment of your case. For over 35 years, he has skillfully defended thousands of clients, compiling an impressive record of positive results and he can defend you too, please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

Federal Criminal Cases

William M. Butler is admitted to represent clients in federal courts and is known for the sophisticated, professional and personal service he provides clients facing serious federal charges. He handles all types of federal cases, such as those involving:

  • Federal Drug Crimes: including trafficking drugs via the U.S. mail, interstate drug trafficking, possession of significant quantities of drugs, drug conspiracy and other federal drug offenses.
  • Federal Child Pornography: including internet solicitation of minors.
  • Federal White Collar Crimes: including mail fraud, money laundering, embezzlement, credit card schemes, wire fraud, tax fraud, insurance fraud.
  • Other federal offenses: including kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, firearms offenses, conspiracy and misprision of felony.

Protecting Your Future When the Stakes are High

Practicing law since 1986, William M. Butler, Jr., has comprehensive knowledge of the federal rules and formalized court procedures. He represents clients at the initial appearance, the detention or bail hearing, and all other appearances which follow. He utilizes Giglio motions to discover all evidence which the prosecution intends to use and works to develop an effective strategy, which counters the evidence.

The stakes in federal courts are high. Federal agents have usually developed a solid case and stream of evidence before the defendant even becomes aware of investigations or charges. Therefore, any suspicion of a potential investigation should alert you to consult an attorney. Proactively contacting William Butler gives him the opportunity to begin to protect your rights by controlling damaging evidence and even negotiating with the prosecutor before charges are filed. Effective negotiations at this stage may result in investigations being dropped and charges never being filed. William Butler has successfully defended thousands of clients for over 35 years, and has compiled an impressive record of positive results, please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

Secure Legal Counsel

Federal Crimes are a serious matter. If you or someone you know is being investigated in connection with a federal crime, it is important to obtain legal assistance immediately. Speak with William M. Butler, Jr. at 502-582-2020, he is an experienced attorney, with over 35 years of experience, who can explain your legal rights, or contact him via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation.

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