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B.J. Former Client: I would highly recommend Bill Butler! I have known him for 20+ years…anytime, I needed him, he always came through and did a wonderful job! I have recommended him to many many other people and they, too, were pleased that he got the job done! Awesome job Bill!!

W.D. Former Client: You have heard “you get what you pay for”. Well when you hire Mr Wm Butler Jr you can rest easy knowing he takes each case as if it were his family he’s representing. Thank you so very much Mr Wm Butler and crew! Your knowledge and expertise is astounding! Truly a man of his word. I will always recommend him to anyone that needs an ACE IN THE HOLE!!!!

A.D. Former Client: I was charged in a conspiracy to traffic in marijuana case in federal court. I faced a long sentence in federal prison if convicted. William Butler and I discussed the facts and met many times. He never refused a phone call no matter when. When the case could not be resolved without a jail sentence, he went to trial. The jury deliberated for two days. I was not convicted. As a result, I did not miss the first 10 years of my infant daughter’s life.  I have not hesitated to refer anyone I have come in contact with who may need a criminal defense lawyer to William Butler.

F.J. Former Client: William Butler tried my possession of morphine case in State Court. The jury found me not guilty. As a nurse, had I been convicted not only would I have gone to jail but the professional repercussions would have been terrible.

P.A. Former Client: William Butler represented me in a federal trial dealing with illegal firearms possession. My business was in possession of more than 50 weapons. He listened patiently to my explanation. Then he researched the law and found the legal defense that would apply. At trial, he cross examined the government witness skillfully laying out the legal defense. The jury found me not guilty after 3 1/2 hours of deliberation. The verdict saved my family, my business and my life since I was facing a long prison sentence and deportation. My children would have had to go to an unfamiliar country and I would have lost a business I spent 10 years building.

J.J. Former Client: I was charged in an embezzlement case due to some poor judgement on my part. William Butler convinced the prosecutor it would be fair to place in a diversion program. As a result, today I have no criminal record.

M.R. Former Client: William Butler tried my felony domestic assault case and got a not guilty verdict. He believed me when I said I did not do it. He even went to the scene at the same time of night that my ex wife stated to authorities that it happened so that he could check the lighting and the cars parked in the mall parking lot. That shows how thorough his preparation was.

T.T. Former Client: Mr. Butler represented me on charges of theft of mail matter and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He not only succeeded in having my case resolved without me serving any jail time, but he went back to court months later and secured a change in my release conditions which will enable me to be taken off probation. He was always responsive to my questions and returned my phone calls promptly. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an aggressive defense attorney.

R.C. Former Client: Bill was efficient and expedient in handling my case to a successful outcome. He saved my reputation and my marriage. He always answered my calls and messages promptly. Bill reviewed my case and formulated a plan which he executed to perfection. I strongly recommend him.

C.D. Former Client: Since I have retained Mr. Butler he has worked endlessly on my case. He got me out of jail when there was little to no hope of me getting out at all. He is still currently working on my case and has gone above and beyond my expectations. I have 100 prevent faith that my outcome will be everything he has told me to expect. He has been honest and not beaten around the bush with me at all. He has even done extra work when he did not have to. He currently represents me and my husband. I can’t think of better hands to be in.

J.T. Former Client: Bill got a great deal for me. I was guilty but he prevented me from going to jail. He always answered my questions fast and in a clear way. I will always call Bill Butler if I run into an legal issue.

S.H. Former Client: I’ve used Bill to represent me over 30 years now. Some years I need his representation some years I don’t but if I do I can always count on him to get me outta the jam I’ve gotten myself into….
Thanks Canary

D.S. Former Client: Mr. Butler has done a wonderful job in representing our son. He is knowledgeable, confident and provides excellent advice while explaining next steps to our son. He has provided key information to us; we are confident in Mr. Butler. He is well respected by the judges and is respectful to other attorneys. He points out the facts of the case to the judge.

J.F. Former Client: Mr. Butler represented me in 2 assault 3 and 1 resisting arrest charges on 4 deputy sheriff’s and I was found not guilty by jury trial. Mr. Butler believed in the facts and was confident and professional during the entire process. Thank you Mr. Butler for all your help.

L.E. Former Client: Mr. Butler is very good criminal defense lawyer and helped our case to the fullest extent of the law. He was on time and very helpful with telling us what we needed to have in order to proceed, along with possible outcomes and upstanding knowledge of what laws are and what they pertain too. He always responds with in 24 hours to calls and messages as well. We worked with him for over a year in criminal case for our family member and he was very helpful. He doesn’t judge and didn’t make us feel it was all about the money like some small town lawyers have in the past. He is very honest and up front about the consequences of breaking the law and what the court system can offer and what rights we had denied do to mishap and poor judgement of local authorities with the two cases we hired him to take on. He keeps up with the local laws and doesn’t mind reminding the courts of what those laws states when rights have been violated on be half of his clients. If I ever need a lawyer in the future I will be consulting him first and for most for the job. I recommend him over some of the local small town favorites I have worked with in the past and have no regrets of hiring and consulting with him from the big city of Louisville KY. I promise you won’t be disappointed in his work and commitment to your case.

Anonymous Former Client:Mr. Butler was there for me whenever i needed him, and his incredible and extensive knowledge of the law, combined with a relaxed-yet-professional demeanor made me feel comfortable at all times. Even when he was busy, he made arrangements to make sure i was never alone at any stage of the legal process. Mr. Butler’s services were worth every penny.

Tom Former Client: Bill Butler has helped me out several times over the years. At the end of my cases, I was surprised that I got such good deals. Bill even prevented me from being charged in one case. All I had to do was follow his expert advice. I highly recommend Bill Butler.

R.C. Former Client: My case was a Federal case and Mr. Butler represented me with a very positive outcome. He was always available and accessible and kept me informed during all phases of my case. He worked enthusiastically on my case and I felt that he was completely engaged at all times. His fee was quite reasonable and I felt totally satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Mr. Butler to others without reservation.

A.T. Former Client: I Antonio Tiofil was charged with trafficking cocaine. William Butler caused the charge to dismissed due to to his persistence and negotiating ability. He appeared in court on my behalf at least 10 times before he was able to have the charges to be dismissed. His persistence and determination saved me from a felony conviction. I would use him again without question.

B.K. Former Client: Bill was efficient and expedient in handling my case to a successful outcome. He saved my reputation and my marriage. He always answered my calls and messages promptly. Bill reviewed my case and formulated a plan which he executed to perfection.

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For over 35 years, Attorney William M. Butler, Jr. has represented thousands of people accused of serious crimes, and he can help you too. For immediate assistance, call 502-582-2020 to speak to William M. Butler Jr, or contact him via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation.

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