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Criminal Defense Lawyers are not allowed to guarantee results.  However, past results are the best predictor of future outcomes. For over 28 years, Louisville Criminal Defense Attorney, William M. Butler, has successfully obtained case dismissals, charge reductions and other favorable results on behalf of clients charged with serious criminal offenses in Kentucky; he can help you too. For immediate attention, please call William M. Butler Jr. at 502-582-2020, or contact him via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation. He also accepts Lawyer Referrals and pays referral fees in accordance with local bar rules, codes of professional responsibility and applicable canons of ethics. His pursuit of justice and defense of his client’s constitutional rights show in his case results. View some of William M. Butler, Jr’s., recent results below:

Federal Firearms Charges

  • Client charged with federal firearms violation. Result: plea bargain reached in which the defendant was sentenced to six months home detention followed by probation.
  • Pawn shop owner cleared of weapons charge. Read more about this Federal trial result: Pawn Shop Owner Cleared of Weapons Charge.

Assault Charges

  • Client charged with assaulting his 10 year old daughter. Result: acquitted at trial based on defense that child made up story which was embellished with help of her mother, the client’s ex-wife.
  • Client charged with assaulting his former wife outside a mall. Result: acquittal at trial based on defense of ex-wife being vindictive and lying.
  • Client charged with assaulting an off duty police officer at a Mike Tyson fight. Result: acquitted based on defense that the officer misidentified the client as the person who assaulted him.
  • Client charged with 2 counts of assaulting a police officer, and with resisting arrest. Result: acquitted at trial, on defense that the four police officers testifying against client distorted the facts. There was no assault.
  • At pretrial conference defense explains to prosecutor that police officer misapplied the resisting arrest statute. On day of trial, defense announces ready for trial, Commonwealth move to dismiss. Result: Charge was dismissed.

Cases Dismissed after Motion and Hearing on Illegal Search and Seizure

  • Client had search warrant served on forward infrared radar on plane flyover, and as result was indicted for trafficking in methamphetamine. Result: case dismissed after motion and hearing, where court ruled lack of probable cause for warrant.
  • Client charged with possession of simulated cannabis after traffic stop. Result: Case dismissed, defense was lack of probable cause for client search.
  • Client indicted for possession of methamphetamine after traffic stop and search of backpack on rear seat of vehicle. Result: Case dimissed after motion that search was illegal following an evidentiary hearing on the search.
  • Client indicted after pulling into club with 1/2 pound of marijuana in his truck. Result: Case dismissed after motion to suppress illegal search following an evidentiary hearing.
  • Defense moves to suppress search on grounds that search without a warrant violated 4th Ammendmant to US Constitution and Section 10 of the Kentucky Constitution. Result: Case dismissed.

Drug Charges

  • Client charged with Conspiracy to Traffic in Marijuana in Federal Court. The five co-defendants entered guilty pleas and testified against client. Jury did not convict after four day trial based on defense that co-defendants were trying to get lesser sentences by their testimony.
  • Client charged with importing over 200 pounds of Khat into Kentucky; the largest seizure of this exotic drug in the history of the state. Result: Probation with out-of-state supervision.
  • Client charged with trafficking in cocaine and being a persistent felony offender. Result: acquitted at trial level based on defense that car in which cocaine was found was borrowed to go Christmas shopping.
  • Client charged with trafficking in multiple kilos of cocaine. Result: case was dismissed after pretrial motion to dismiss illegal stop of automobile was sustained by the Court.
  • Client was a nurse charged with trafficking in prescription pad blanks. Result: After multiple hearings on pretrial motions, on the trial day the Commonwealth announces it cannot go forward while the defense announces it is ready for trial. The Court granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss.
  • Physician client charged with prescription drug fraud. Result: the Commonwealth amended the felony charge to a misdemeanor after the physician enters a drug rehabilitation facility. License to practice medicine is not suspended.
  • Client charged with three counts of trafficking in cocaine after informant gave a sworn statement, audio and video tape. Result: acquittal on two counts, hung jury on third count based on defense’s cross examination of snitch and implication that snitch was trying to cover-up his own drug dealing.
  • Client charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. Result: the charge was amended to possession and client pled guilty; placed in the pretrial diversion program based on her age, lack of previous record and guilt of boyfriend. After diversion completed, guilty plea will be set aside and case will be dismissed.
  • Client charged with possession of cocaine. Result: the charge was dismissed after the Court sustained defense’s motion to suppress the evidence on grounds that the search exceeded the bounds of the search warrant.
  • Client charged in a Federal Drug Conspiracy with trafficking in more than 6,000 pounds of marijuana. Result: Client released from custody after contested detention hearing. The case was dismissed two days before trial based on defense that client had driven from Texas to shop for a new car, not to guard a semi trailer loaded with 6,000 pound of marijuana.

Driving Under The Influence Charges

  • Client charged with driving under the influence after leaving bar during “March Madness tournament”. Acquitted at trial based on defense that only evidence of intoxication was that client drove away from the bar.
  • Client charged with driving under the influence second offense. Result: acquittal based on defense that defendant did not tell police officer he had been drinking beer (client drinks only bourbon).
  • Client charged with driving under the influence (DUI) after incident in which mini-motorhome damages a McDonalds drive thru sign. Result: case was amended to disorderly conduct thus protecting client’s driver’s license from the one year suspension given to DUI convictions in his home State. The prosecutor agreed to the amendment offer after defense argument on admissibility of defendant’s breath test.

Embezzlement Charges

  • Client charged with embezzling several thousand dollars from his employer. Result: After the defendant provided documentation of background, the Commonwealth agreed to defendant’s admission into a diversion program. After completion of the diversion program and restitution made, case was dismissed and expunged.
  • Client charged in federal court with embezzlement from bank branch of which he was the manager. Result: plea bargain negotiated which resulted in a six month sentence in a halfway house and restitution.
  • Client indicted for theft from check cashing business when forged check cashed using false identity. Result: State moved to dismiss charges after pretrial investigation by defense caused additional evidence to be provided by check cashing business showing client innocent.
  • Client charged with embezzlement of large sum of money from her employer. After defense provided proof of actual sum client embezzled, she was admitted to a diversion program, after agreeing to restitution. When restitution is completed case will be dismissed. At that point, no trace will be left on client’s record.

Forgery Charges

  • After investigation, Counsel moved pretrail for the admission of relevant evidence. Trial Court overruled motion. Case was then tried, and defendant convicted. On appeal, the Appelate Court concluded that the Trial Court erred by excluding the relevant evidence. The decision was then reversed, and a new trial ordered. After negotiations, Commonwealth dismissed case.

Interstate Threats Charges

  • Represented individual in Federal Court accused of making interstate threats against the wife of Mayor. Client convicted after five day trial. On appeal case reversed because of pretrial motion and after hearing, Defendant released from custody.

Internet Child Pornography Charges

  • Client charged with Possession of Matter Portraying Sexual Performance by a Minor. Client enrolled in counseling & case was continued several times to allow client to establish history of counseling appointments. Result: four year probated sentence.

Medicare Fraud Charges

  • Client was charged with Medicare Fraud. Result: Received shock probation (i.e. 30 day jail sentence) instead of 5 year prison sentence. Paid $3,600 rather than a six figure restitution amount, and as part of the agreement was not charged with jury tampering.

Murder Charges

  • Client charged with murder. Result: At trial level, the court granted mistrial motion based on defendant’s objection to the prosecution’s final witness. The Commonwealth amended the charge to wanton endangerment and recommended a one year sentence.
  • Client charged with first degree murder, (20 years to life imprisonment, with 85% serve time required before parole eligibility.) after shooting husband five times as he sat at breakfast table eating. At trial, defense that husband had beaten wife for years and had recently threatened to beat her again, cause jury to convict her of lesser charge of manslaughter. Result: Released from prison after two years.

Robbery Charges

  • Client was charged with Robbery I after two people were robbed at gunpoint at a local street festival. Both individuals positively identified the defendant at trial. Result: defense of mistaken identify resulted in a hung jury after which the Commonwealth amended the Robbery I charge, a felony which carried a minimum 10 year jail sentence to a misdemeanor and received a probated 12 month sentence.
  • Client charged with Robbery I, of a controlled substance at pharmacy. Result: case dismissed as defense convinced prosecution that defendant’s alibi was solid, and that defendant was not person whose picture was taken by camera.

Sexual Charges

  • Client charged with Pornography granted shock probation.
  • Client charged with two counts of indecent exposure second degree. After numerous court appearances, on the eve of trial the case resolved with client placed in diversionary program where case will be set aside, dismissed and expunged after two years.
  • Client charged with sexually molesting several foster children in his care. Result: sentenced to probation based on extensive pretrial counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Client charged with one count Indecent Exposure. After conferencing the case with the Prosecutor, charge was dismissed.
  • Client charged with sexual assault. Result: State decided to drop prosecution after it was provided several medical journal articles by the defense which offered an alternative explanation for Prosecuting Witness injuries.
  • Client charged with first degree rape. After investigation by defense showed prosecution, that prosecuting witness had a pattern of inviting defendant to come over late at night, and lied to grand jury. Result: Case was amended to sexual misconduct, a misdemeanor with probation.

Theft/Fraud Charges

  • Represented wife accused of fraudulently accessing husband’s bank account, while he was overseas in the Army. Client convicted at trial, but case reversed on appeal due to pretrial motion defense made, which was erroneously overruled by Court. State elected to dismiss the case after the appeal. Result: Charges of Fraud were dismissed after William Butler won Preliminary Hearing.
  • Defendant acquitted at trial based on defense that defendant accidentally exited store with item, which she did not intend to steal.
  • Case dismissed at pretrial hearing, after defense convinced prosecution that defendant took substantial number of items by by accident, due to inattention caused by holiday stress.

Vandalism Charges

  • Client charged with vandalizing a cemetery and doing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Client confessed to police officers after being arrested and interrogated at the police station. Result: acquitted at trial after the police officer was cross examined on interrogation techniques and the defendant testified about his fear and nervousness when being interrogated.

Vote Buying Charges

  • Client was charged with one count of 18 U.S.C. §371 Conspiracy and one count of 42 U.S.C. §1973(i)(e) Vote Buying. Result: case dismissed by the Prosecutor after a three day federal trial. The three co-defendants pled guilty.

Wanton Endangerment

  • Client was charged with multiple counts of wanton endangerment, evading the police and being a persistent felony offender. The Commonwealth’s offer was 10 years to serve. Two police officers positively identified client at trial. Result: First trial ended in hung jury 11-1 and second trial ended in hung jury 7-5. The Commonwealth then amended the charge and client accepted a plea to reckless driving with a $100.00 fine.

Warrant Set Aside

  • Client had outstanding arrest warrant for Domestic Violence. Result: Warrant set aside and was not taken into custody, but instead released on conditions. Case is still pending.


Over the course of his 28-year career, Louisville criminal defense lawyer William M. Butler has had great success ending cases before they really get started. He has attended interviews and worked with prosecutors in many cases, sometimes resulting in the best possible outcome for the client: no charges filed. Below are a few examples:

Bank Embezzlement

  • Represented former bank employee the FBI sought to question regarding embezzlement. Advice based on facts of case to not submit to questioning. Result: no charges brought

Bank Fraud

  • Represented individual being investigated by FBI in check-writing scam. Based on facts of the case, accompanied client to interview with FBI agent and assistant United States attorney. Result: no charges brought

Money Laundering

  • Represented two individuals under suspicion in money laundering case. Based on facts of the case, accompanied clients to interview with assistant United States attorney. Result: no charges brought


  • Represented individual under investigation in rape case. Explained client’s alibi to detective and to assistant commonwealth attorney. Result: no charges brought

Sex Abuse

  • Represented individual under suspicion of child abuse. After discussion on terms of interview, accompanied client to interview. Result: no charges brought

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For over 28 years, Attorney William M. Butler, Jr. has successfully represented thousands of people accused of serious crimes, and he can help you. For immediate assistance, call 502-582-2020 to speak to William M. Butler Jr, or contact him via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation.

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NOTE: Every case is different because each case has its own facts. No lawyer can honestly guarantee the outcome of a particular case. Given the unchangeable facts, William Butler’s judgment, skill and tactics, supported by hard work and dedication, are the keys to a successful outcome.

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