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Curriculum Vitae of Karen Bell, Paralegal

Curriculum Vitae of Karen Bell, Paralegal

Karen Bell, Paralegal has worked with William M. Butler, Jr since 1988, which is unheard of in a high turnover profession. Read more about this highly competent professional.


  • U of L Associates in Arts.  1993
  • Ivy Tech South-Central 24 hours of Basic Language Programming. 1987
  • Mercy Academy.  1984

Professional Memberships

  • Notary Public State At Large.  1984 to the present

Continuing Education

  • Completed 24 hours “Creating Web Pages” with Jefferson County Public Schools Adult Education Program.  2014
  • Completed ECF training with U.S. District Court – facilitates e-file pleadings and researching of cases.  2004

Legal Work History

  • Paralegal to Mr. Butler.  1988 to the present

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Please call Karen Bell or William M. Butler, Jr. at 502-582-2020, or contact them via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation. Karen Bell has worked for William Butler for over 33 years and has extensive experience as a paralegal.  Criminal Defense Attorney William M. Butler Jr. has skillfully defended thousands of clients for over 35 years, compiling an impressive record of positive results, he can help you too.

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