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Embezzlement Charges Defense

Embezzlement Charges Defense

Embezzlement in its most common form involves the siphoning of money from a business by one of its employees. Those who are convicted of embezzlement face long prison sentences, as well as the prospect of paying back the money that was taken, also called restitution. Early involvement by skilled attorney, William Butler, can sometimes lead to the best possible outcome: no charges being filed. If you are under investigation or are facing an embezzlement charge, be proactive, call 502-582-2020, or contact William M. Butler Jr, via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation. For over 35 years, he has skillfully defended thousands of clients, compiling an impressive record of positive results, and he can help you too. Start your embezzlement charges defense today! Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

William M. Butler, Jr., is a Louisville embezzlement charges defense lawyer with more than 35 years of legal experience. Much of his practice involves defending people charged with financial crimes in Kentucky state court and federal courts throughout the nation. He works tirelessly to beat charges whenever possible and to minimize penalties in cases where convictions or guilty pleas occur.

Defending Clients From All Walks of Life

Embezzlement charges are often leveled against employees who were in positions of trust and who had access to company funds. Over the course of his career, Mr. Butler has represented people from many different industries and professions, including:

  • Accountants
  • Treasurers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Corporate executives
  • Employee who had access to write checks on a company account or make deposits and withdrawals on such accounts

Take Action Early

As is typical of most white-collar crimes, embezzlement is usually charged only after a thorough investigation by law enforcement. If you know you are being investigated, you have the right to retain a lawyer, and the earlier the better. You do not have to wait until you are charged. Early involvement by a skilled attorney can sometimes lead to the best possible outcome, which is: no charges being filed. If the case does move forward, William Butler will have a thorough understanding of the facts because he was brought into the case from the beginning. Should your case move to trial, William Butler is a skilled trial attorney with 35 plus years experience in both state and federal court.

Secure Legal Counsel

If you are accused of embezzlement in Louisville, Lexington or elsewhere in Kentucky, for immediate assistance, call William M. Butler Jr., at 502-582-2020, or contact him, via email or text, to arrange your initial confidential consultation. William Butler is an embezzlement charges defense attorney. For over 35 years, he has successfully defended thousands of clients, and he can defend you too. Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

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