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Law enforcement personnel are highly skilled at putting together cases against suspects. Part of their work, especially in federal cases, is to do a very thorough investigation before bringing any formal charges. If you believe you are under investigation, you should immediately consult with William M. Butler, Jr. He has a proven record of success defending clients in Kentucky and beyond, and he knows how investigations proceed. He understands that the stigma of a criminal charge can destroy a person’s reputation, career and relationships. His goal is not only to prevail in court, but to help you avoid criminal charges altogether. To reach Louisville police investigations attorney William Butler, call 502-582-2020 or contact his law firm via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation. For over 35 years, he has successfully defended thousands of clients and has compiled an impressive record of positive results, he can help you too. Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

Take a Proactive Approach

If you are the target of an investigation, whether in connection with a State or Federal crime, talk to Criminal Defense Attorney William Butler before speaking with authorities. With his advice, you will be able to protect yourself. It is well known that trained investigators have techniques for asking questions, many of which are designed to have you incriminate yourself. Once you begin working with William Butler, he will aggressively work to protect your rights and guard against threats to your freedom. Take charge of your situation by reaching out for help. Attorney William Butler understands that you may be hesitant to enlist legal help, but time is of the essence, a delay can only hurt you. He has helped people from all walks of life and he can help you too, everyone deserves to have their constitutional rights protected.

Cases Where a Criminal Charge Was Prevented

Please see cases where criminal charges were prevented. If the police wish to question you in connection with a crime, you need to speak to an attorney first. Call 502-582-2020 or contact William M. Butler’s law firm via email to schedule your initial confidential consultation. He has skillfully defended thousands of clients, for over 35 years, compiling an impressive record of positive results, and he can defend you too.

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