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The Second Amendment to the Constitution grants individuals the right to bear arms. However, this right has many limitations. For example, permits are required for concealed weapons and convicted felons are prohibited from carrying firearms. Individuals who violate these restrictions or commit a criminal offense with the use of a weapon face severe penalties. Defense lawyer William M. Butler, Jr. provides aggressive, attentive and diligent representation to clients charged with a firearms offense. For immediate assistance, call William M. Butler, Jr. at 502-582-2020 or contact him via email, for a confidential assessment of your case. For over 32 years, he has skillfully defended thousands of clients, compiling an impressive record of positive results, and he can defend you too. Please see his Case Results and Testimonials.

Types of Firearm Offense Cases

States and the federal government have strict laws regulating firearms. With over 32 years of criminal defense experience dealing with federal regulations, William Butler has the ability to provide clients with effective defense representation when facing weapon, gun or other firearm offenses, such as:

  • Committing a crime with the use of a firearm
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Possession of a firearm as a convicted felon
  • Illegal firearms sales
  • Sale of a firearm to a juvenile/juvenile possession of a firearm
  • Other gun charges

Penalties for Firearm Offenses

Charges defendants face for robbery, assault, sex offenses and other criminal offenses are aggravated by the addition of a weapon possession charge. Individuals convicted of firearms offenses in addition to another offense must serve the firearms sentence consecutive to the other offense. The firearms offense sentence would follow minimum sentencing guidelines. However, a Class D felony charge is increased to a Class C charge – which carries a longer sentence.

Cases involving weapons offenses are extremely complex. Consideration will be given to the type of firearm the defendant carried (automatic versus another firearm), the location of the weapon when the crime was committed and many other factors. In addition, convicted felons may face weapons charges if they are even in the same vicinity of a firearm.

Secure Legal Counsel

William M. Butler Jr. conducts a thorough investigation and review of the evidence in order to develop the strongest, most effective defense strategy. He skillfully negotiates with the prosecutor to minimize, reduce or eliminate the charges. He does everything he can to preserve the freedom and future of each client. For immediate assistance, call William M. Butler, Jr. at 502-582-2020 or contact him via email, for your initial confidential consultation.

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