Federal Drug Charges

People facing federal drug charges or federal drug investigations should consult experienced Federal Defense Lawyer, William M. Butler, Jr., immediately. A Federal Defense Attorney can help the defendent protect their rights. The FBI or DEA has usually developed a solid case against the defendant by the time the defendant becomes aware of the case. Therefore, the evidence that likely has already been collected may include: wire tap evidence, evidence from informants (potentially from co-conspirators who took a plea), video, paper documents and other evidence.

It is critical to have an experienced attorney who can successfully maneuver through the federal court system. Attorney William M. Butler has more than 27 years of experience protecting clients facing serious federal charges involving drug conspiracy, drug trafficking and other federal drug offenses. To find out how he can protect your rights, call Federal Defense Attorney William Butler at 502-582-2020, or contact William M. Butler via email for an assessment of your case.

Federal Drug Cases

Drug charges are violations of Federal Law, and can be pursued either in Federal or State Courts. William M. Butler has the investigation skills, courtroom experience and tenacity to provide clients with diligent representation. Are you charged with one of these federal drug crimes?

  • Drug possession (quantity determines state or federal charges)
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Drug trafficking
  • Importation of methamphetamines (meth)
  • Transporting illegal drugs through the mail
  • Possession of precursor chemicals used to manufacture illegal drugs
  • Attempting to smuggle drugs onto an airplane
  • Transportation of cocaine or other drugs by truck drivers

Drug Conspiracy

Any offense that involves advanced planning with others can be charged as conspiracy. Almost all federal drug charges involve an additional charge for drug conspiracy. Federal agents have virtually unlimited resources to develop a case against a suspect. Unlimited resources give them the manpower and bargaining power to expand the charges against the defendant by tracing and linking evidence to more incriminating evidence. As a result, you may face elevated sentencing if convicted.

Sentencing Guidelines for Federal Drug Convictions

Federal Judges consider many factors when determining federal drug penalties, such as the defendant’s criminal record, points assessed for the conviction and other factors. Under federal sentencing guidelines, points are assessed for each charge included on the conviction. An experienced federal drug crime attorney, William M. Butler has the skills necessary to mitigate sentencing factors. This frequently results in the Judge departing downward from the sentencing guidelines. View the firm’s case results involving federal drug charges.

Contact a Federal Defense Lawyer

Be proacative, protect your rights and your future. Attorney William Butler will do everything he can to provide you with strong drug charges defense representation and protect your constitutional rights. For immediate assistance, call 502-582-2020, or contact William M. Butler Jr. via email for a free consultation.

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